Anatomy #6: Random things about our bodies.

We did some of the major systems and things in our bodies, and it was time for us to review, then move on. We did this worksheet to review some of our bones. We colored this worksheet to review how our blood flows through our bodies. We finished off by matching the bones of the arm to the correct spots on this worksheet.

Now it was time to move on. We have two more things to cover – major organs and muscles. We started with muscles.

I used this worksheet as the basis for our muscle work. I had Nicholas read the worksheet to us. I wrote the word “muscle” out on an index card. He had to go through and circle the word muscle everywhere it appeared. Abby was in charge of coloring the letter M on her worksheet (we got some other letters colored too, but she aimed mostly for the M’s).

Next, we drew muscles on our skeleton – which has been named “Fred.” I handed them purple and red crayons and they drew muscles over the bones. I named them off  the worksheet, and we pointed out where they are on our bodies, and then we drew them.

We discussed how some exercises can make our muscles stronger and help us do things. Then we did some activities:

1) Running: I had the kids run around our yard. Then we named the muscles we used. Then we did some stretches so those muscles wouldn’t get hurt. Lastly, we did some exercises (squats) to strengthen the muscles.

2) Push-ups: We did push-ups (and watching the two kids do pushups made my day). We named the muscles we used, and then did some more to strengthen them.

3) Planks: Lastly we did planks. We named our abdominal and back muscles, since those are the ones we use. Then we did some stretches to keep them healthy. Sit-ups was the activity to strengthen them.

Then we did some sun salutations from yoga. I simply looked it up on the Internet and we followed along with the YouTube video. Yoga strengthens and stretches our muscles. I want my kids to be healthy and learn these habits early, so yoga it was.

Lastly, we had to eat some healthy foods – we made smoothies – to keep our bodies strong.

It was a fun, and active, lesson. Which was nice for us.

We also did our math and language arts activities. We don’t neglect the basics just because we are having fun learning about everything else.

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