Sorry for the break….

So it has been awhile. I apologize for the break. It has been such nice weather that we have really kind of placed formal schooling – what we call “bookwork” – on hold. Instead we’ve been doing nature thing – hiking, playing, swimming, leaf art….the list is somewhat endless. It has been fabulous weather here in CA and so we’ve been enjoying the weather.

We have gone to state parks. We went to John Marshall State Park and learned all about gold mining, what happened when gold was first found, and how people lived back then. The kids got to dip candles, eat food cooked in a dutch oven, and pan for gold. Of course we also played and hiked all over the park.

Nature hiking along the American River has been fun. We’ve counted birds and made leaf rubbings of different leaves. We’ve kicked stones (who can kick the farthest) and seen how big of a splash we can make by dropping stones in the river.

We have also taken a few trips to SF to the CA Academy of Science. We have a membership there and they’ve had some pretty awesome programs this last month so we go there too. That trip takes a whole day.

All in all, nature has been a blast. We’ve been reading the whole time we spend time in nature too, but we’ve just not really done formal bookwork. Now we are back to a normal schedule and working on bookwork.

I’ll be having lessons posted soon. After all, Homeschool Day at the CA Academy of Sciences is coming up and we’ve got to get ready for it.

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