Nature lesson #1 – Leafs.

It’s nice weather outside again. This means we go back into nature lessons so that we can spend lots of time outside. So our first lesson is on leafs.

Parts of a leaf

Leafs are wonderful. They are our first nature lesson.

Leafs are wonderful. They are our first nature lesson.

The first thing we learn is the parts of a leaf. I printed this page – which has all the parts labeled (at least the parts we are going to learn) and some places to practice writing underneath. I had the kids color the leaf and then trace the words. Nicholas then had to write the parts of a leaf on the page as well. Abby just got to color the words.

Then I printed this page – but with the words whited out.  Abby had to name and point to the parts of the leaf. Nicholas named, pointed, and then had to write the words with arrows to the right spot. It got kind of messy with his writing and arrow drawing, but he still did it.

Purpose of a leaf

Then we went over what the purpose of a leaf is.

1. To produce food for the pant through photosynthesis (this includes the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange).

2. To look pretty 🙂

3. To help us know what kind of plant it is.

So we went outside and found leaves on our plants and talked about how they helped the plant with these three purposes.

Drawing a leaf

Next we drew leafs. We looked at the basic shape of leafs in our garden (most of the are ovals). And we drew them. Then we drew veins and stems on them. It was an interesting drawing project.

Leafs in our garden

Lastly, we went and looked at leaves in our garden and neighborhood. We took this leaf identification sheet with us. When we found a leaf, we looked at our sheet and pointed out what qualities it had and how it was, or was not, like other leaves.

Our other activities

In addition to our leaf activity we did other things today. We did our math and reading practice. We added another letter – L – to Abby’s letter garden. We also added another flower to Nicholas’ word flower garden. The flower had the following words on it: leaf, stem, blade, oval, green, and tree, on it.

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