Nature #2 – Rainbows.

It isn’t that this is the time of year for rainbows, it is just that this is a fun lesson for older and younger kids. It can be adapted for any age group. If there are younger kids, you can have them learn the colors. For older kids you can discuss and use prisms to show how light moves to make a rainbow. Best of all, you can pull out a hose and use a mist feature to create rainbows.

For the first time we made lap books. I know lots of people are fans of lap books, but after this experience I’ve decided I’d rather just make posters. Lap books can be a good way to corral all the “stuff” about the various things. But I’m teaching my kids to use iMovie and I’d rather have them make posters, hold up the posters, talk about the posters, and merge all that into a movie. Regardless – here’s how our lap booking went:

1. For the front I used a picture of a rainbow. I made Nicholas write the word “rainbow” under his. Abby just had to color the rainbow (which Nicholas did too). Here’s the link to the rainbow picture we used:

2. My kids love watching stuff on the computer. It makes them feel awesome. So we watched two clips on rainbows. Here’s clip 1, and here’s clip 2. Clip 1 is more fun while clip 2 is more scientific.

3. Next we did a rainbow counting puzzle. This puzzle was above Abby’s level, but below Nicholas’. To make it harder (for Nicholas) I not only cut the puzzle vertically, but horizontally too. The kids got to glue it together (this was the top inside page of the lap book.

4. For the last inside page of the lap book, Abby and Nicholas did two different things. Abby had to do this puzzle. I had cut everything out. She had to stack it all together. Then we stapled each set into the back part of the lap book. Nicholas had to do something else. We spent some time reading this page on rainbows. I wanted him to pay attention to how the white light hits the water, then refracts back to our eyes as a rainbow. He got a blank piece of paper and had to draw a diagram. That was an interesting thing to do. After that, he insisted on creating a movie about the rainbow, so we did.

5. For the back page of the lap book I took a plain rainbow coloring page, that had the colors in German, and had them recite the colors and then color in the rainbow, or der Regenbogen.

After this was all done, we went outside and played with the prisms to make rainbows. We also stuck the mister on the hose and made rainbows. Then we came inside and ate fruit loops because they are rainbow colors.

For reading/writing practice Nicholas wrote all the rainbow colors.  We also did more addition – we are working on having the 3’s as memorized as the 1’s and 2’s. We also had to read books today, and my kids chose all the Dr. Seuss books in the house. So I made Nicholas share reading time with me. He will read if he thinks we are reading for fun. But when he things we are reading for “school” he refuses to read. Silly child of mine.


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