Toddler Tuesday: Letter garden and cutting.


Every day we add a letter to our letter garden – well, almost every day. Some days we don’t add a letter. I just designated a portion of the wall for the letter garden, and we use painters tape to stick our letters up on the wall.

I let Abby choose whether she colors the letters or uses the dot art paint to decorate the letters. We are currently on the letter F. She chooses the pain sometimes, and the crayons sometimes. But regardless, we have a letter garden in the house.

Also, we work on certain prewriting skills. These are the two worksheets we did for our prewriting skills:

Abby likes to make her lines connect to things, so we connect the lines from x to y, in various forms. Most of the prewriting worksheets we use, we also discuss what letter each item is called. So when we connect a line from a grasshopper to a leaf, we learn that grasshopper starts with G and leaf starts with L. It is just a little extra discussion thrown in while drawing lines.

We also then cut on the lines. I give Abby the scissors and supervise. She’s responsible for cutting on the lines. Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t. She just loves cutting. It’s pretty fun to watch.

The last stop of our day was jelly bean math. We counted jelly beans into piles and worked on choosing which pile was “more or less” and then ate them.

What was my oldest one doing while we were doing this? He worked on his math worksheet all on his own! He did his math and his music-note-identifying practice all on his own. He did it 100%.

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