What are your summer plans?


What are your summer plans?

Many children finish school in the coming month. Homeschoolers tend to finish school around now too. But homeschoolers also do summer learning.

The importance of summer learning can’t be over emphasized. Children loose skills when they aren’t exposed to them every day. Math is a perishable skill. Reading is a perishable skill. Spelling is a perishable skill. In order to maintain the same level of math skills, reading, and other skills, a child needs exposure to them over the summer.

Everyday over the summer we do math and reading. It’s not always the same amount of math that we do during the school year, but we still do it. And we read.

But other than that, our summer learning is all about museums and nature. We spend summer visiting parks, museums, and hiking. It gives the kids great exposure to things they might not do during the rest of the year.

The key to summer learning is remembering that not all learning involves a classroom.

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  1. A summer spent reading, with a little math, and frequent visits to museums, parks and hiking sounds like the best sort of education there can be.


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