San Jose Tech Museum



We travelled to San Jose yesterday to visit friends and go to The Tech Museum. That is one awesome museum.

They have a robotics lab where you can make robots. There are weekend project classes where older kids can make things. There’s a lab where kids can design prototypes of machines and have them made.

You can ride a jet pack, experience an earthquake, and make your own roller coaster.

All of these activities teach while being fun. In the DNA area the exhibits teach about DNA, let you see things and use the microscopes, and help kids understand DNA. There are a ton of robots around doing different things and showing how robots work and what they can do. The kids can learn about space and see inside scientific instruments that they might never get to see otherwise.

We spent most of the day there and didn’t get through everything. We will be going back. There are lots of places to eat in the area because the cafe is pretty expensive. There is an IMAX theater. The theater is not included in the museum admission.

Over all it was a fabulous experience and we had a blast. There was enough for the youngest kids and the older kids. We even got a picture drawn by a robot. It was a great day.


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