Back to school!

btsBack to school time for the rest of the world – and for most homeschoolers.

Although homeschoolers tend to follow a more fluid trend of learning, many of us follow a traditional school year when we are doing regular subject work (think spelling, vocabulary, working on reading comprehension, subjects). It is more experienced based learning in the summer (think engineering by building castles, playing with friends, map reading, navigation, museums..). Unless you are unlucky enough to be my kids – then you do regular school work over the summer too. Not as much, but every day (about) they still did math and reading. I just don’t think those two subjects should EVER be stopped. Stopping for two weeks can cause kids to forget a bunch of things, which will make their skills back slide. It’s why too much of the school year at the beginning is review and not new information.

But since we are working through a charter school this year (thank you South Sutter for the funding), we follow a more strict idea of school during the school year. Because I’m getting funding for supplies, I have to account for what my child is learning each month and do attendance. I don’t have to plan lessons and get prior approval, I just have to show he’s making progress in basic areas.

How do you show progress? Worksheets, movies, posters, projects, arts and crafts, did I mention movies? I got iMovie onto my iPad. I was reading a great set of articles about schools in Sweden using technology not to teach kids, but to use so the kids can show what they’ve learned. The students pick a topic and create a movie about it. It can be a movie with them narrating posters, with them talking to other kids and answering questions, or showing a plant and narrating what it is all about. I think this is awesome, and is the type of project learning my kids enjoy, so we will be adapting a lot of that this school year.

But since we are going “back to school” I thought I’d make a list of the resources I’m using this year as text books and let you all see where we are going:

German: PowerGlide Level 1

Saxon Math Grade 2

Song School Latin Book 1

Usborne’s History of the World


Newton’s Laws science kit from

Arts and crafts (my own ideas)


Vocabulary (my list and practice book)

Spelling (my list and books)

I’ll add links to the curriculum that is my own as soon as I can get it up on the website so that you guys can download it.

For my preschooler – Abby – we are doing an in-home preschool with some other kids. Each day is a different letter/number and lesson topic. It’s going to be a blast.

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