Our 12 week spelling program.

spell 1

I was never the best speller and hated spelling. With the advent of spell checker, I really dislike spelling. But spelling is important because it helps with reading and comprehension. I developed our spelling program based on how my active children learn things the best. I’ve included the “directions” to the spelling program in this post. Each week, as we do our spelling, I’ll include the list. Or you can view the link at the bottom of the page and get the whole program and letter tiles.


1. There are 12 spelling lists containing words in random orders. They are words the kids might, or might not, know on sight.

2. There are letter tiles in the back pages that can be printed onto card stock and cut out to use to make words. Or you can invest in Scrabble tiles.

3. Once your child has mastered the words, move onto the next list.


1. Read the list of words with your child out loud. Then spell them out loud.

2. Use the letter tiles and make each word with the list next to your child so he/she can use it to help them.


1. Have your child read the words, help them when necessary.

2. Make the words with the letter tiles – keep the list near by if it is needed.

3. In their spelling journal, write each word twice.

Day 3

1. Have your child read the words.

2. Call out words from the list for your child to make with the letter tiles.

3.  Put the list next to the spelling journal and write each word 3 times.

Day 4

1. Point to the words in random order and have your child read them.

2. Call out words from the word list for your child to make with the letter tiles.

3. Write each word in the spelling journal 4 times.

4. Give a practice spelling test where you ask them to write words as you say the words.

Day 5

1. Have your child say all the words on his/her spelling list from memory. If they have trouble, help them.

2. Give a practice test with the letter tiles – you call out a word and they have to make it without your help.

3. Give a real spelling test in their spelling journal.

4. Grade the test. Words that they missed go back and write 5 times then test again later in the day.


If your child did fine with all the words, move onto the next spelling list. If there are a few wrong, you can move on and add the missed words to the next list. If less than 70% were correct, repeat the steps the next week.

Here’s the link to our 12 week spelling program. It will be available for free week by week on the website, or you can go to the link and it is available for $2.00. It includes directions and the letter tiles you will need to make the words.


Spelling list #1

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