Compare and contrast: rocks.

IMG_2299[1]It’s back to fun time around here. Each day involves more fun, and a new journey for us as a family.

Today’s work is about rocks. We have a box of sample rocks from a science kit (I have no idea which one). But we also find rocks. This morning we went to the park nice and early to get out some of our energy. It was a good decision because it set the tone for today.

On the way back my kids picked up bunches of rocks. They went looking for rocks that are “not the same.” And they found a lot.

When we got home I folded paper into books and gave a book to each of them. On each page they drew the rock, wrote its colors, what type of rock they think it was, whether it was magnetic or not (Nicholas really wanted to use magnets this morning, so this was his idea), and whether they could see sparkles in it under the magnifying glass. That last quality was simply written as “sparkles” or “no sparkles” in the journal.

Each rock got a page.

Now, after they did all that writing and comparing and contrasting, we sorted the rocks. We sorted by size, color, weight, and whether they sparkle.

Then I asked the kids this question: What is the one thing they all have in common?

Their answer: They are all rocks!

That’s what I wanted them to get out of this lesson. That rocks can be many different things, but still be rocks.

What else are we doing today?

We are reviewing addition (7, 8, and 9’s) with some lovely math worksheets I made. Nicholas, in turn, is making math worksheets for me to do which he then corrects. I figure he still has to work out what each addition problem is if he wants to correct it, so whether he’s writing the worksheet or writing the answer, he’s still doing math.

We are doing spelling list #1. The words are:

Happy, sad, short, tall, in, out, hot, cold, up, down, wet, and dry.

We are on day 1 of spelling, so we are reading the words, spelling them out loud, and making the words out of the word tiles.

We are also reading. Today he wanted to read Spider Man. So Spider Man it is. After we are done reading, he has to tell me who the main character was and what the plot of the story was. Each story gets asked these questions this year. As we go, I’m going to increase what I’m asking of him (and at some point he’s going to have to write it down).

Happy day everyone!


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  1. Elaine Rubrin

     /  April 16, 2014

    This is a great idea. It is something we can all do. I’m going to try this with bugs. Maybe my son will want to learn about bugs. We are having problems finding a way to get my son to learn anything. Or want to learn anything. Maybe we can work on other skills by using bugs.

    • My daughter has that problem. She only likes princesses. So I have created a set of letter cards with a princess and a letter. We use them to practice spelling. If you can find their interest, it gets easier to help them learn.

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