Spelling and reading: Week 2 day 1 and blocks for Engineering.

After the hard work of spelling and math was done, we headed over to our blocks for some engineering - although Nicholas just thinks he' having fun building things.

After the hard work of spelling and math was done, we headed over to our blocks for some engineering – although Nicholas just thinks he’ having fun building things.

Today is Day 1 of our second week in spelling.

Our spelling words for this week are:  map, chair, table, desk, sink, bathroom, bedroom, stairs, car, and pool. For the first week of spelling, click on this link.

Last week’s spelling words went really well. The progression from writing and saying to the actual spelling test went really well. We even managed to get a 100% on the spelling test. And I didn’t help or coach on the spelling test. So that was a nice treat. Nicholas was also super proud of himself when he finished the spelling test and got a 100%.

We did our math for the day (we are still reviewing our addition and subtraction from 1-12). We are going to be done reviewing at the end of this week and moving on. He finished the first day of spelling, and we did some “reading the clock” practices.

We have a few more items on the agenda for today: A science experiment about making balloons travel, cooking, measuring the chair legs in the house, German, and some engineering. We also have our physical activity. Abby and Nicholas have to vote on it, and today we ended up with bike riding for a little bit followed by basketball at the park.

But we had to make a pit stop and do some blocks. My kids got special treats when they visited their grandma and aunt yesterday – one of the treats being some planes from Planes. So we had to make an obstacle course for them to go through. Blocks were making the course, and we had a ton of fun.

We practiced how tall we can build things, making arches and bridges, making things work together, and building paths. All of these things can be worked through in an engineering lesson, or you can just build and let the kids learn by trial and error. So the block building was a blast.

I have to prepare some special handouts for our trip to the CA Academy of Science tomorrow. That way the kids feel like I put some effort into the trip too.

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