Numbers and letters

I really like Starfall’s number and letter generator. They make these great worksheets that are good for preschool on up to first grade – depending on how you use them.

I use these as Nicholas’ chance to teach Abby. He really likes teaching her, and she LOVES to do the same thing he is doing. So we do one letter and one number a day (this week it is numbers 1-4 and letters A-D).

Number worksheets

I put the worksheets on the table and Nicholas shows her where the number is an helps her count the objects. Then I help her trace the number once, and she does the rest (with varying degrees of success). Nicholas blows through tracing the numbers, and moves onto writing the words. He shows Abby each of the letters in the words and points them out to her – after he’s finished writing the words.

Lastly, he tells Abby what the objects are and what color she should color them. Then they attempt to draw the objects in the blank square next to them. This works best with triangles and ovals, although I use the suns and leaves sometimes for a change.

Letter worksheets

The letter worksheets work a bit differently. He just sits next to her and explains everything. I even let him hold her hand and help her trace the letters. Nicholas is much better at helping her than he is when I ask him to write. But he tells her the names of all the objects and helps her write her letters. I supervise. I don’t let him make mistakes, but by teaching her, he is showing me he really knows what he’s doing.

And best of all is they love the time with each other and I get to watch them grow.

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