Story Starters – Week 1.

Like some of you, I have problems getting my son to really want to settle down and write. He likes stories, he likes creating his own stories, so I thought a solution to this problem would be to make a bunch of “story starters.” Story starters are questions that he can draw the answer to and then write the sentences that describe his illustration.

I got the Picture and Story Pad from Lakeshore Learning for him to write and draw on. It is a pad of paper (double sided) that has a blank spot at the top and lines at the bottom. It allows him to draw and write on the same page – with a dedicated spot for each.

How to use story starters:


Use a piece of paper that they can draw on for the illustration and a piece of paper they can write on. Picture story pads are great for these because they have a space to draw on the top and lines below.


Give the child the prompt. Have them draw the illustration first.


Then write the words under the illustration to describe the story.


If your child gets stuck, use the guiding questions to help them. Remember, it is the child’s job to draw and write. You can help them by providing pictures for them to look at if they don’t know how to draw something, but you cannot draw it for them. You can help a child spell things, but the thoughts must be their own.


Keep these in a binder.


You can either do the individual story prompts (a new one each day), or create your own prompts to make a full story in a week.


Week 1 Story Starters


Monday: Where did the car go?


Tuesday: Where did I go on my bike?


Wednesday: What is the bird doing?


Thursday: What did I find while digging?


Friday: What can you make out of sand?


Guiding questions:


What shapes make up (insert the object they are trying to draw)?

What color are you going to use?

Where are some places you go in a car?

What are some things a bird might be doing?

What else might be in the picture with you?

Who else might be in the picture?

Do you need help spelling anything?


Let me know how the story prompts are working for you. I love them and hope that they will encourage my son to write a bit more all the time.


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