Toddler Tuesday: Letter A.

Yes, I know I’ve already done letter A last year with my little one – but nothing hones skills like repetition. I love the letter printables form Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I use a lot of her handouts for my little one to do. We also do some of our own projects, but we use a lot of her printables. After all – no reason to reinvent the wheel. Her activities have a lot of positives and hands-on options to them – and that’s what we do best here.

So the worksheets I chose from her site to do with the letter A are:

Dot-to-dot letter A, Sorting A and a, Apple coloring, and apple cutting.

I printed two of the dot-to-dot letter A sheets because Abby really likes doing dot art. I figure she can do both of them and enjoy the letter A a bit while I work with Nicholas on his story prompts.

So the lesson goes like this:

We do the Starfall letter A worksheet – with Nicholas teaching Abby.

Then Abby gets to do dot-art on her two letter A’s while Nicholas works on his story prompts at the same art table. This way I have both of them together, but they are doing their own work.

Then Abby gets to sort the Big A and little A’s onto the correct tree. I printed this worksheet onto cardstock and she can sort them to her hearts content. I get to spread all the apples out (I cut them out the night before), and she sorts them. Then I check it, and she wants to do it again. To get her moving, I put the apples on one side of the room and the trees to sort onto on her desk. She loves the activity and the sorting. So it works for her to do while I work with Nicholas on math review.

Now we move onto the cutting. She gets to cut out along the lines. I printed two of these, so Nicholas cuts them out too. It’s always good to work on scissor skills together – that way I only have to have the scissors out when they are together. We move to the art table for this and for a change of scenery.

Choose a few more letter A's, print them out, and make your own A collage.

Choose a few more letter A’s, print them out, and make your own A collage.


We have an “A” snack – apples and ants (chocolate chips).

Next, we do the “A” collage. The A collage is awesome. I downloaded a bunch of pictures of the letter A and put in a bunch of A’s in different fonts.  Then Abby gets to cut them out and paste them onto construction paper (she chose purple) and then color it and decorate it. This project took her almost an hour to be happy with. It allowed me to work with Nicholas on his spelling and word ladders without too many interruptions.

This was our letter A day. After we finished the letter A, we went onto the number worksheets – with they both did together for the number 1. Lastly, we spent some time reading. I let the kids choose their own books, and today I ended up having to read Morris the Moose four times. Oh well, at least it was reading.

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