Book reports.

I always hated having to do book reports as a kid. But as an adult, I realize they taught me about how to read an summarize books. They also ensured that I was reading. To pass on the reading and summarizing skills, I decided to make a book report form.

I want to make sure that my kids understand – from a young age – that each book has a title, main character, plot, and conclusion. To incorporate my children’s love of art, I also made a “your illustration” box at the end of the book report form.

They don’t have to report on every book that they read, but they do have to report on one book a week. My oldest has to do the book report mostly on his own. I help him with words he cannot spell. I ask guided questions if he gets stuck on what he’s supposed to do. But I do not do it for him.

With Abby, I simply ask her the name of the book. She goes and finds the book and tells me it is “This one.” Then I point to the title of the book and we say it together. She then just colors in the rest of the page while Nicholas does his book report.

Here’s a link to the book report form. It is free, you just have to download it.

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