When do I do preschool?

One of the questions I get asked is if I only do one lesson a week for Abby – my preschooler. The answer is no – I have lessons everyday for her.

First, the lessons we do on a subject she joins in. Sometimes she’s sitting on my lap handing things to Nicholas. Other times she’s doing the experiment as well. She cooks, cleans and plays with us all day.

Second, she gets her own work. While I’m working with Nicholas I give her a puzzle to do, or she’s doing art (a favorite), or she’s doing sticker matching….or sometimes she just plays. She isn’t as old as Nicholas and isn’t as capable of doing math. I don’t ask her to do developmentally inappropriate things. She just sometimes tries to do them 🙂

Third, we spend some time everyday on something just for her. Sometimes it is threading shapes onto string and naming the shapes. Or we count, or measure, or go around the house naming the letters that things begin with. But everyday we have something for her. I’ve listed the worksheets below that we used this week so you can see the types of things she does everyday.


From Confessions of a Homeschooler – letter B – B puzzle, B dot-to-dot, B matching

Sticker book – Dogs

Colored in her Strawberry Shortcake book








Letter D scavenger hunt (I posted letter D’s all around the house on Post-it’s and she had to find them)

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