Week 2 and 3 story starters.

If you are following us, then you know that we are using story starters to practice writing and grammar. It is sometimes easier to teach through doing, than to teach the rules of grammar. Plus, all kids need handwriting practice and this is a great way for them to get it without having to actually think they are practicing handwriting. So here are the story starters for this week and next week:

Week 2:

Monday: Which superhero would you like to be?

Tuesday: Tell me about your family?

Wednesday: What is your favorite animal?

Thursday: What is the dog doing in the grocery store?

Friday: What is the grasshopper doing?

Week 3:

Monday: What is your favorite dinosaur?

Tuesday: Where does a whale live?

Wednesday: What do the fish learn in school?

Thursday: What lives in a coral reef?

Friday: What is your favorite flower?

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