The mistakes we made this week…….

It seems like the mistakes I’ve made this week just compound and compound. First, I let Nicholas do all his Story Starters on Monday. He said he wanted to do them all on one day, so it seemed like an okay plan. Then I realized that I normally make him practice writing every day so what was he going to practice with now? He hats to practice writing, so I decided we’d do a book report. I let him choose any book – and he picked a Rescue Bots book (to no one’s surprise).

But then  we went back to math. I need him to review all his addition and subtraction. Nicholas hates review. He does it once, gets it, and thinks he’s done. So review is hard. I gave in and started giving him stickers. 20 stickers gets him a quarter. I forgot, at the outset, to say he needed to do the worksheet correctly to get a sticker. So he just put down random numbers, handed it in, and expected his sticker. He explained that I didn’t tell him it had to be done correctly, so he got a sticker that day and the caveat went down for “it had to be done correctly” the rest of the time.

I let him sharpen his own pencils. For some kids, this wouldn’t be a big thing. But my kid loves to learn how things work. So he plugged it in, worked on sharpening a pencil, and I walked away to change a dirty diaper. I come back and he’s got the pencil sharpener all torn apart and is showing me how the motor turns with the electricity coming into it, and how the turning motor makes the pencil sharpen. I’m sort of proud until I ask him where the blade of the pencil sharpener is, and he says, “I don’t know….I just know it sharpens the pencil and works with the motor……” I tuned out at that point because, low and behold, I stepped on the blade.

Nicholas likes it when I bleed because he gets to use his microscope. He saw me start bleeding and ran to grab a slide. He doesn’t stop to help me or anything, he just wants to see the blood under the microscope….

He checked everything for magnetic properties. Door hinges, tiles, walls, windows, piano keys...they all got checked.

He checked everything for magnetic properties. Door hinges, tiles, walls, windows, piano keys…they all got checked.

Oh where did I go wrong?

The answer is, no where. He’s having fun and living it up with learning. But sometimes I wish it wasn’t so messy, so inconvenient, and did I mention messy?

He decided he didn’t want to so his spelling this week. But that one we had a throw down on – and since I won the wrestling match, he did his spelling. If only he’d agree to everything based on a wrestling match. Then I’d win a lot more. At least until he’s bigger than me.

We wrapped up our week with a magnetism treasure hunt. These are easy to do. I gave him a magnet and he went around checking everything – and I mean everything – for magnetic properties. He found some studs in our walls, and then went over all the walls inch by inch to see if he could find more. It was highly amusing and took him a whole 4 hours to cover the walls – at which point he decided he wanted to see if our floors were magnetic. Too bad we have tile floors. But he had fun, and at least we talked about magnetic fields and north and south poles during that turn of events.

Isn’t homeschooling fun?

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