Two great websites to help with apps.

With all the apps around, how can you choose? There are so many apps to pick from for any reason. I have found two sites that I love that are very helpful.

The iMums:

This website has great reviews and giveaways for parents, by parents. You can search apps by area covered, type of app, age range, and cost. The moms at this site also go through everyday and create a list of various free apps – and some are free for a limited time.

I admit, I check this website everyday on the free apps. Sometimes I download them just so I have them when I want them, even if I’m not going to use them right now. But I can always reload them later.

App Friday:

This listing comes out on Friday mornings. They also have a Facebook page with deals randomly through the week. But it is a listing of pretty great educational apps that are seriously discounted, or free.

These are my two go-to app review and download places. Since there are so many apps out there, these really help me sort them out. And best of all, they both list free apps – which are great for kids because you never know what will work and what will bomb.

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