Here’s the website for Mathletics:

I found this website because I was looking through the vendors for our charter school. This looked like a cool one. I explored their website, and decided I’d sign Nicholas up.

There’s both a parent log in and a student one.

As the parent I get to set tasks – but not the order in which they are completed.  I can see his progress. They also have a page with workbooks you can download – but that page hasn’t worked for me yet. I’m waiting for their tech support to get back to me. I’m hoping the workbooks are as easy to use as the website.

The choices are pretty self explanatory for the kids. They have choices of what you can pick for them to do – and if you don’t choose anything they can do whatever they want on the site. But you can always pick “make it harder” or “make it easier” to find more choices of tasks.

The “classes” themselves are about 10 questions in length. The tests are a little longer, but I haven’t seen one that’s more than 20 questions.

The classes ask the kid a question, and they have to chose the answer, then click submit. The program will immediately tell them if they are right or wrong. Then they click next and go on to the next problem. It’s a little repetitive and the same questions can pop up more than once. But it is nice the lessons are short and sweet.

It holds my son’s attention for the entire time. I sit down at the beginning of the week and fill up his task list. Then he has to do 4 a day. If you think I’m being mean, you should know that 4 “classes” takes him 30 minutes or less. He gets to choose which four things he does. He thinks this is awesome because he gets to choose. He has learned that the choices in yellow are the classes and the blue ones are tests. He saves the tests for the very end.

There is one big complaint I have: The classes give the kids the option to “hear” the computer read the directions. But the tests do not. Also, the color differentiation when the kid chooses an option isn’t always big enough that they can easily see the differentiation.

Right now we are using this website to review things and practice money, shapes, and 3D object. We also use it to review basic math.

Nicholas tried the online competition in basic addition and got second place in one race, first in another, and disqualified for three or more wrong answers in a third. He goes back and tries it about once a week. He’s not a huge fan of that. But what he does like is seeing his point total increase.

I like the site. Will I sign up for it next year? Nope. It’s not that I don’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it to others, it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of it for my son. He likes math, but I’m not so sure he likes this website. He gets caught up in some of stuff on the screen and doesn’t always like the repetitive questions. It’s great for this year, and maybe as the year goes on he will like it more, but we shall see.

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