Toddler Tuesday: My body.

1195424432502248826johnny_automatic_skeleton.svg.medI try and do more than simple practice of letters and numbers with Abby for her Toddler Tuesday. This week we are working on parts of the body.

First thing we did was go take a walk/run. Why? Because exercise is important to our bodies. I got to answer lots of questions about “why” on this walk/run, so it was fun. If you do it, just be prepared to answer lots of random questions about “why” exercise is important.

Then we came home and I laid out butcher paper. I traced each kid onto the butcher paper and then let them go crazy coloring themselves. We then took the black crayon and drew: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands (traced), fingers, feet (traced), toes, belly buttons.

I had pre-printed labels from our computer with the words on them (legs, arms, chest, spine, forehead, cheeks, neck, wrist, ankle, and chin). I gave the stickers to Abby and Nicholas, and they put them onto each part of the body. Then they were handed the same words in German and had to do it with the German words.

We finished by using string to glue on hair – Nicholas picked blue string and Abby picked the purple string.

Next, we went over food groups. We covered grains, meat, dairy, and fruits/vegetables. I handed them each two pages of pictures I had printed out from the computer. They cut out the pictures and pasted the pictures onto the correct food group pages. I made them each little books (two pieces of paper, folded in half) with the food groups on them. They had to properly put the pictures in the pages.

We sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” It’s a song about our bodies, and it was fun. We also had to read – three times – “Farley visits the doctor,” – a Sesame Street book from when I was a kid.

Lastly, we had snack. They got to pick one thing from each food group and have it for snack. We ended up with cheese, smoothies (milk, fruits, and veggies) and beef jerky.

That was our lesson on the body.

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