Spelling again.

spell 1 We are headed back to spelling. Nicholas was told that if he finished all the spelling words and tests, then he could get a toy. So we are in week 9 and he’s finished all 12 weeks of spelling. What he didn’t know what that mom was going to make a new set of spelling words.

So this week I let him choose the first word and then we made the list out of all rhyming words. I’ve discovered that the more input he gets into his work, the easier it goes. So he picked the word “gain.” He said he had no reason, but he liked the way it sounded.

Then I made him find 6 words that rhymed with gain. He picked: Train, plain, main, grain, slain, chain. Those 7 words became his spelling words.

This week spelling should go pretty easy since he helped pick his words. At least that’s what I can hope.

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