Toddler Tuesdays: Workbooks we use.

Abby is different from Nicholas. She likes workbooks. I think she likes being able to turn the pages and finish something. Every time she finishes something and turns the page she says, “I finished my schoolwork!” It’s really cute.

Because she likes workbooks and worksheets, I have re-discovered the Kumon books. I used the numbers and mazes ones with Nicholas. But Abby doesn’t like mazes, she likes to draw and color.

Costco had a set of three on sale: Coloring, Tracing, First Mazes. The links are to the books on Amazon, because not every Costco has the same things.

I take one page out of each book in the morning and give it to Abby to do while I’m doing Nicholas’ math lesson. These are the only three workbooks I use with her. Otherwise we use handouts from Starfall for her numbers and letters. I use coloring pages of whatever we are learning for her to color while I teach Nicholas.

Here’s the main reason why these three workbooks made it into our school room and others didn’t: She can do these workbooks on her own – the pages are self explanatory.

The coloring workbook has a spot in the middle of the picture that she has to color the same color as the picture around it. So the grapes have a white dot in the middle – a little bigger than a quarter – that she has to color purple – like the grapes around it.

The tracing workbook has white and light areas for her to trace from one circle to the star. The maze workbook does the same thing – go from the circle to the star. She finishes in about 20 minutes – the same amount of time it takes me to do the “mommy” portion of the Saxon math lessons.  Nicholas then finishes he math lesson – doing his part – while I help Abby trace her numbers and letter of the day.

After this separate work, we do most of our lessons together – even if Abby is just coloring while Nicholas does his lesson. It won’t hurt her to learn about the history of the world, dinosaurs, rocks, or whatever we are learning about. It will only help her by exposing her to a wide variety of ideas early on.

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