When the germs strike.

Germs invade our families. So what do we do as homeschoolers when we need to "do school" but we aren't feeling great?

Germs invade our families. So what do we do as homeschoolers when we need to “do school” but we aren’t feeling great?

It’s getting to be that time of year – the sick time. For some reason, our family does fine, and then we get hit with the bug that won’t go away for a month or so. What do you do on those days when the kids aren’t too sick, but aren’t feeling well enough to really do school work and learn?

When the kids are really sick, we rest and watch fun TV. I let my kids be sick when they are sick. But there’s always those few days when they aren’t feeling well, but aren’t really sick. It’s those days that sometimes stymie my mind while I am searching for things to do.

So what are my go-to activities?

  • Games: Canyland, Chutes and Ladders, Zingo, War, Go Fish, Sorry, Monopoly Jr., Boggle.
  • TV: I always keep a few prerecorded shows like Cat in the Hat, Discovery Channel stuff, Science Channel – we watch these then.
  • Movies: The Magic School Bus is anew favorite, Rock and Learn, Leapfrog, Discovery Earth…Amazon Prime also has a bunch of stuff that’s free and great.
  • Reading: You can never read too much.
  • Art: Drawing doesn’t seem like school work, but it sure works out the imagination.

There are more ways to skin the “meet my hours requirement for homeschooling” then there are people. All of the things above can be morphed into meeting requirements. Sorry teaches spatial skills and logic problem solving. Candyland teaches numbers and counting. Boggle and Scrabble teach spelling and grammar, Monoply Jr. is all about math…..You can see where this is going.

Making a fort is also one of our favorite activities on not-so-sick days. This is all about engineering and math and spatial recognition skills. It’s also about gross motor skills – doing the actual building.

There is always time to do bookwork schoolwork. It doesn’t take too much energy to set out all the pages they need to complete, or things they need to write. So there’s no reason to stress these activities when the kids aren’t feeling well. Anything can be made into a “school activity.”

Plus, TV can show them things I simply can’t. They can see stars born, volcanoes (no, we aren’t going to go visit one),  far away places, and things too small to see. I don’t mind educational TV – so there’s not reason not to use it when you need to.


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