Our history timeline.


We have a history timeline going in our school. With everything else we do, history ends up being done once a week. We use Usborne’s History of the Ancient World as our book.

We started with the formation of the Earth. I tried starting with the first civilizations, but Nicholas objected. He said the history of the world had to start with the world being formed, then dinosaurs came, and only after that did people come.

So we started with the Big Bang.

Starting with the Big Bang gave us a whole week of science based lessons. The dinosaurs have us two weeks of lessons.

Once we complete a history unit, I have a picture or map printed out for Nicholas to color. Or, in the case of Ancient Egypt, we combined timeline with art and he had to draw and label his own.

Then the picture goes up on the timeline in order with dates on it. This lets Nicholas see, in a way he otherwise wouldn’t, how event happen. As we go forwards, things might be placed above and below other events to show the happened at roughly the same time.

Why did I start the history timeline? Because Nicholas asked when Galileo lived. I told him a long time ago – and gave him the dates. So then he asked if I knew him when I was little. I said no, and so he said then grandma knew him. Laughingly, I said no. Galileo was after grandma but before dinosaurs.

But this conversation made me realize time was all relative. So now we do a history timeline.

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