Space X rocket launch.

The awesome thing about Space X is that it posts all of its stuff live. And when they screw up, they admit it and talk about if for a bit. Then they tell you when they will try again.

For those who missed it, Space X was supposed to launch a rocket today and was streaming it live. About T-3:40, the countdown stopped. We sat there watching it and listening and wondering what was going on. Nicholas was so dismayed that the rocket wasn’t going to launch. he said, “it must be human error because computes are great.” I wonder where he got that from?

But this led into a bunch of space video watching and learning about different rocket launches and how rockets launch and G-force.

Here’s a link to the videos we viewed. We spent a while watching space launches and having a good discussion. Absolutely none of this was planned, it was just fun and spur of the moment. It was awesome. And it’s why I love homeschooling.


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