History of Christmas trees.

The outline of the Christmas tree isn't perfect. But it gives the kids a lot of room to put in their gems.

The outline of the Christmas tree isn’t perfect. But it gives the kids a lot of room to put in their gems.

I like December. The focus of our lessons changes to more Christmas oriented lessons. Since I wanted to do the first step of our gem trees today, I thought I’d read the kids the history of the Christmas tree while we did them. This way I combine art and history all at once.

I’m all about using time wisely, so this was a great lesson for us.

Last night I took out the picture boards and drew the trees on them. I also made sure I had enough gems (I do – I got the big bag from Michael’s), glitter glue (so that if they don’t cover the whole tree with gems, at least it will glitter), and put the gems into bags so each kid had their own. The separate bag idea is awesome because it prevents fighting over who has the gems, who has more gems, and who took what color. This way they each have their own.

Then this morning I put the trees out for them.


One finished glitter gem tree.

First they used the glitter glue to fill the trees. I got smarter this time – my kids will use all the glitter glue I put out, so I only put out some. Then they put the gems on the glitter glue – all while I’m reading the story of the Christmas tree.  When they were done, the trees were all glittery and sparkling. This will make tomorrow – painting the background – nice and easy.


Another finished glitter gem tree. He’s going to have a lot of painting to do tomorrow.

So they heard the story of one of our traditions, and we got art done to help decorate the house.

Christmas trees are an important part of our family. My husband’s side is German, and Christmas trees are credited with being started in Germany. The tree is also the main decoration in our house, and it is where we hang our memories for the year. It is also a tradition to put certain ornaments on the tree – like garlands and a bird in a nest – for different reasons. Since the tree plays such an important part in our family, I like to have the kids thinking about the tree and what it means and why we use trees.

Here are some links to the history of the Christmas tree so that you can read the history to your family:




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