This week’s literature lessons.

First of all – welcome back! It’s been a great holiday break and now we are getting back into the swing of school again. I’m sure that this week is going to be tough – readjusting to a schedule is always tough with my kids. But it’s time to get back to it.

We’ve been rather lax in the literature area in our studies. Heavy on the science and math. Lax on the literature. Mainly that’s because it is what Nicholas likes. But I’ve decided that we are going to include literature twice a week.

This week we focus on two things: the difference between a poem and a story, and imagery.

Difference between a poem and a story

We are using the poem, “The Queen of Heart” – you know, the one who baked tarts and lost them to the knave. This poem is to show the difference between a poem and a story.

What’s the difference? A poem is less concerned with grammar and story telling and more concerned with rhyme and meter. A story can be told – and often is – but it is told through a different, often shorter, method. A story has more details, character development, follows grammar rules, and is concerned with the telling of the story. A good story should have a defined beginning, middle, and end. A good story should also have a main character and minor characters. These things are not necessarily present in a poem.


Children often, instinctively, know what imagery is. It’s words that are used to describe a visual image. We are using Robert Frost’s “The Pasture” as the teaching poem in this exercise.

First, we define imagery. Second, we practice using descriptive language to create imagery. This causes fun sentences – The blue cow ran over the wet green grass to the babbling brook (my favorite from Nicholas – and some very silly ones (The fat frog sat on my head and made it wet because he’s sticky).

Then we read the poem and highlight the descriptive words that provide the imagery. Lastly, we use those images to draw what Frost is describing in his story.


If you want the poems, complete with the instructions, they are available for free at my TPT store. I’ve included the links below.

Links to downloadable mini-lessons:

The Queen of Hearts

The Pasture

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