Toddler Tuesday: Matching letters.

I found a great new website – Hands on Moms. It’s fabulous and has tons of hands on activities to choose form and browse. Some are things we’ve done, and others give me great ideas.

So I chose this one: matching letters. I wanted to see how much Abby can really do – it’s hard to tell with her sometimes because she just decides she doesn’t want to do something, and getting her to do it is miserable. But if it’s hands on, and she gets to do it by herself, that’s even better.

Here’s the link to the post about the game, so you can do it if you want to.

I spent Monday night putting this activity together. I printed out letters and colored them. Then I made sure that we had the right alphabet magnets to make this work – since we’ve lost lots of letters over the years. I put them all in a bin, with the tongs, and put it up and away.

While I set Nicholas to work on his math, I brought the bin out to Abby. I told her she had to choose a paper letter, then grab the letter that matches with the tongs. She asked, “All by myself?” When I said yes, she got a big smile and went right to work.

She would pick a letter out and place it carefully next to her on the table. Then she would grab the tongs and pull out the letter magnet and place that on top. Then she would carefully get down out of her chair, grab both the letter and magnet, and place them on the floor. She got very particular about where they were placed.

When she was done she wanted to repeat the process – so we did. It was great fun for all of us.

We also made two books for her – she had to trace the letters and write her name. Here are the links to the free worksheets to make the books (orange and red).

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