Random things we use……

There are a bunch of “random” books in our house that we use for “school time.”

You notice that “random” and “school time” are in quotes – and there’s a reason. Nothing is randomly gotten in this house. I pick things that the kids will like to do – or that I know we need. Other people think the books are random because they don’t seem to follow a theme. School time is also a variable concept. Dot to dots and mazes teach children important things – counting, problem solving, logic, fine motor skills, shapes….the list goes on and on. So while there might not be a lesson in sight, the kids are still learning. Even better is when they think they are playing.

Here’s a list of some of the things in our house I use to support learning, without the kids knowing they are learning. There’s probably a lot more than this, but these are the items we use a lot.

If I could find a link to it, I included the link:

Construction truck dot to dots

Anything art related – especially the dot art paints and books

Dinosaur coloring books

Everything dot to dot book



Princess books

Everything gross mazes

Legos (and lots of them!!!)


Logic Links

Play money they use in their play kitchen – mostly when they play restaurant

Dress up box




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