Books and more books.


I love books. I want my kids to love books. This is why we take many, many trips to bookstores and the library.

Sometimes we get things, sometimes we don’t. But we love to go through bookstores. We will always get books from the library.

Recently my mom – their grandmother – took us to this great store: Half Priced Books. It’s in Concord, Ca (the one we went to). I found this book called  . The book had great information on five different types of planes. But the best thing was, the book had planes to pull out and make.

The plane parts are all of cardboard, and they have slots so they all fit together without glue (although glue makes them stronger). The planes are the different types of planes described in the book. They have instructions the kids can follow to put the planes together. It’s really a fun book. We also found their “Build a Robot” book.

The same publishing company has a bunch of books – I’ve included links to them below – that can serve as lessons and an activity all together. So you read the book and learn something. Then you get to put everything together, as an activity. When we did the robot book, we built the robots right after reading the section about them.

Lastly, you can display the creations. We made wall hangings for them. I took a small diameter craft stick and hung everything off them. Then the wall hanging went into his room, so he gets to have all his robots and planes around him. It’s neat, because sometimes at night he doesn’t want a story from a book, instead he makes up a story about his robots and will tell you it; all while pointing at the various robots and planes hanging around his room.

There’s also a great mermaid book – Abby loved it and was content to play with it while I worked with Nicholas on his, more complicated, building projects. Nicholas even helped her put the mermaids together. It was quite awesome.

Magical Worlds Mermaid Press-Out & Play

Here are the links to the books:
Awesome Airplanes
Build a Robot
Build a Digger
Amazing Cars
Build a Bug
Build a Dinosaur

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