Social Studies.

It turns out that we didn’t do a good balance of things this past month. We had our ES visit last Wednesday, and when she saw everything we did, she turned to me and said, “So what about Social Studies.” I looked at her and said, “We are reading our history book.” She was like, “Okay, but what about student work to do with Social Studies.” Then I realized – uh oh. We didn’t do any.

In my defense, we did do some – we studied both the German and Polish was of celebrating Christmas, and contrasted that with how we celebrated Christmas. We did read our history book – everyday. It’s just that we met after I took all the Christmas stuff down. And before I had a chance to get anything together about Social Studies.

So I’m making sure that we cover something this month. In fact, I’m going to try and cover a bunch in one day (Monday) so that I have something to show her.

I downloaded a few worksheets from

Make your own flag:

Learn the First Amendment:

Color the state of California:

We are also going to go on a walk around our neighborhood and make a map of it.

I figure those four activities can cover our Social Studies for the month. And then we will have to do some other things as well.

To continue and summarize our “Ancient People” history – which we are going to be ending soon as we move onto Ancient Greece and Rome – we are going to make rock paintings – just like in olden times. We will take paint and paint rocks. We will also be learning the difference between a pictogram and an pictograph – and trying our hand at both.

With all that I figure that should cover our Social Studies nicely for the month.


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