Detours: Slugs.

A slug became Nicholas' science project this morning. Simple distractions make great lessons.

A slug became Nicholas’ science project this morning. Simple distractions make great lessons.

I had a plan this morning. I have plans most mornings for the day – after all, I spend Sunday planning for the week. The funny thing is, plans get derailed. Almost always it is a good thing.

There’s a standing “rule” in the house – we do about 20 minutes of school followed by 10 minutes of play. My kids were on one of their 10 minutes of play times – out in the back yard -when Nicholas comes inside, grabs a paper cup, goes back outside, comes inside, does something on the computer, then runs back outside.

This isn’t unusual behavior. Normally it’s because he’s found something he wants to Google. So I went and looked at the computer. A website was up. It looked like Nicholas had Googled “Where do slugs live?”  After looking at his research, I went outside.

Nicholas was building a house for a slug. He had found the slug under the trampoline in the grass, and wanted to build it a house so it would be a pet. I drew the line at building the house inside.

He found the animal, did the research, and built the house all on his own. In a very weird way, I’m super proud of the kid. He followed the advice on the website – that slugs like damp places with shade and leaves, and built the slug a house. Then he put the slug in the house. He also named the slug, and told it that if it gets lost, the house is at our house (and he gave the slug our address).

Periodically throughout the day, Nicholas has gone out and check on “his” slug. So far the slug hasn’t done much at all. I get progress reports on the slug and whether it is decorating its new house, leaving the house and exploring, or just resting. It has been quite the fun sidetrack to our morning.

Boys will be boys – and this boy really learned a bunch about slugs this morning.

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