Why I focus on academics…..

When people ask me about homeschooling, they are sometimes shocked by the focus on academics that is found in our house. I homeschool for fun too – but the basis of all our fun is academics.

If we are painting, we are talking about painters. We are drawing things from different perspectives. We are talking about composition, negative space, and distance.

When we are getting ready for field trips, we are talking about what happened where we are going, why the place is important, and other such specifics.

I don’t simply let us drift. I want us to have pride in our academics.

For anyone who thinks that their school has pride in their academics – please look at the trophy case in the front of their school. What is there? Sports trophies. Schools focus on sports. There are HUGE costs to sports in high school – financially and academically. Sure, sports are fun, but they aren’t what school is supposed to be about.

I want my kids to have pride in their minds. Sports are great, and if either one wants to play we can do so through club teams and things. But sports aren’t the point of education. Resources aren’t supposed to be wrapped up in sports. They are supposed to be wrapped up in academics. Imagine if we took the money that it costs to run an average football team and put that into math study – provide teachers better pay, provide chances for real mathematicians to come in and show what they do, participate in math games and other such things. Kids would become more engaged and do better in math. When that focus is elsewhere, then the academics suffer.

So in our house, we place academics first and sports second.

If you want to read more on the subject, here’s an interesting article: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/10/the-case-against-high-school-sports/309447/

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