Materials for our angle lesson.

Materials for our angle lesson.

It’s time to learn about angles.

What you are going to need:
1. Some construction paper.
2. Protractor.
3. Something to “hunt” with (we used a video camera – but you can also draw or take pictures).

It’s a simple lesson. We worked on four types of angles: acute, obtuse, right, and straight.

First, the lesson:

An acute angle is an angle that is less than 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees. A right angle is exactly 90 degrees. A straight angle is 180 degrees – or a straight line.

Then the practice:

We drew straight angles using the flat edge of the protractor. I didn’t care which direction they were drawn. But when he was done, I asked him if they were all straight angles and why. Nicholas correctly said that they were straight angles because they were lines – and exactly 180 degrees.

Then more practice:

We drew the 90 degree angle next. Then the obtuse. Then the acute. Sometimes there were mistakes at the end. Then we had to erase the mistakes and make them correct.

Then the measuring:

Once we were done drawing, I had Nicholas measure each angle. Just to verify that he was correct (or at least that’s the reason I gave him). What I really wanted to see was his number recognition and learning to use a protractor.

Now the hunt:

Once we had learned about the angle and reinforced the lesson with our drawing and measuring activity, we went on an angle hunt. Nicholas took out his video camera and went around the house and yard and found angles. He made his own song while he was hunting. Then he would find angles and say, “I found an angle and it is an __________ angle.”

We went on this hunt for about 10 minutes. Then he wanted to watch his video. Then make another one. Then watch it (do you see the pattern?).

It was a fun lesson and we had a blast.

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