This week we have goals!

This week we have a few goals for school time:

1. To finish math before lunch every day.

2. Do something with grammar every day.

Did I mention we get distracted by Legos? All of us do. We build stuff with them, use the for math, and then keep building.

Did I mention we get distracted by Legos? All of us do. We build stuff with them, use the for math, and then keep building.

3. Science project every day.

Needless to say, I picked the first two goals and my kids picked the last one. Abby wanted to add, “Play princesses every day,” so I added that to her worksheets, but it’s not really a goal of mine.

I’ve generally found that giving Nicholas a list and letting him pick the order of things is the way to go. Except for math. He loves math. He will do math for hours. I do mean hours. So I need him to finish math and then move on to things. So what happens is he waits and does HOURS of math all at once – generally in the afternoon – then he complains about having no time to play and having to finish his school work all at once. Well kid, that’s what time management is about.

Now, since he’s five, I’ll cut him some slack and make myself be his manager. So the goal is to finish math by lunch. Then he won’t be “rushed” to finish everything. This is from the same kid who can – and has – finished ALL of his work inside of 2 hours when I told him he had to finish or he couldn’t go to grandma’s house. Rushed – ha.

So we made goals for this week. I’m not sure how they will hold up.

Once again, I find myself shorting grammar and social studies because we like science and math better. So I’ve added the requirement of doing one BrainPop that I pick out – and I always pick out a humanities one – before he can delve back into science. At least he’s getting something more than plastics, radioactivity, DNA, robotics, and computer programming.

Adding grammar to our week is something else I want to do. He reads – a lot. I made him his own reading nook, and he goes there to read whenever he wants. Nicholas knows I’m not going to stop him from reading – so sometimes he goes there to hide out too. But he’s getting stuck with some grammar issues. Like capitalization and punctuation. So we are adding one “grammar” activity to the list. Even if it is simply a set of four sentences and he has to add the right punctuation at the end.

I want to say a big “Thank you” to for their worksheets – I don’t have to do my own. I simply search their grammar worksheets. I don’t like to waste time I could spend with my family doing worksheet creations, so I simply use other people’s stuff. Easier and sometimes even better.

So those are our goals for this week. We shall see how they turn out.

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