Ocean review.


We have -on and off – been reviewing ocean animals and the ocean habitat. We are headed to Santa Barbara soon- and the beach- so the ocean will be visited.

To review what we have learned, and see what they remembered, I pulled out our fish stickers, paper and crayons.

They got their paper and were given the following directions:

1. Draw the ocean floor.
2. Draw something else that is at the bottom of the ocean.
3. Draw something that grows in the ocean.
4. Place the stickers in the correct places.

So then they were given stickers that are: fish, starfish, sea horses, and sea turtles.

Next, I have them the stickers first and then had them draw a picture that showed where all the animals could live (backwards from the first set of instructions).

It was a fun review. The kids even showed that they retained some of the prior information.


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