Goal update from last week.

So how did we do on our goals from last week?

Well. We met two of them and didn’t meet one of them. We did math before lunch everyday. Normally Nicholas completed his math before breakfast (Yeah!). And we did something with grammar everyday. We didn’t do a science experiment every day. But we did spend all day Friday and Saturday working on different science experiments. So that was fun.

Nicholas tends to like to do different experiments with me than he does with his dad. With me, he’s all about getting messy. With his dad, he’s all about physics and matter and learning the more esoteric stuff. So it can be difficult for my brain to come up with different experiments for EVERY day of the week. We did some on static, and some on weather (since we’ve had wind, rain, thunder, and lightening this week). But nothing really dramatic.

Doing math before breakfast has been really helpful. It makes sure that he concentrates and does well on his math. It also makes sure it gets done. Which is helpful to me.

We do some other math – like graphing and calculating and measuring – throughout the day. But the “hard” math – the learning and doing of new operations, is done before breakfast while his mind is nice and fresh.

It was a better week with the goals.

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