Toddler Tuesdays: Number bin.

Tracing the numbers, then hiding them in the beans and letting her hunt for was a fun activity.

Tracing the numbers, then hiding them in the beans and letting her hunt for them……it was a fun activity.

We are back to working on numbers this week. I’ve decided to combine a bunch of her favorites: magnets, bins, number hunting. It’s all combined into one activity. Here’s how it went:

1. Empty tin casserole pan
2. Beans from the dollar store
3. Number magnets
4. Paper with the number magnets traced onto it

Set-up was really easy. I traced the numbers onto the paper (in fact, I made 3 different sheets with the numbers in different orders). Then I put the number magnets into the bin and dumped the beans over the magnets to hide them.

Abby was excited when she saw the bin come out again. She went to grab her tongs from the desk, but I let her do the first time with her hands. The second time she used a big horseshoe magnet we have to attract the magnets to her.

She had to find the numbers and put them in the correct spot on the paper. After she put it down, she had to say what number she had found.

We only worked with the numbers 0-9. Those were the number magnets I had, so those are the numbers we worked with.

There were problems she had. First, she got the 2 and 5 mixed up depending on which way she pulled it out from the beans. She also tried to make her 6 a nine all the time. Then she wondered why there were two 9’s and no 6’s. I had to explain to her that they might look the same, but one is upside down and one is right side up and that they are two different numbers. She said okay to that explanation, and proceeded to fix them the way she wanted. She also didn’t like that the three wouldn’t go “backwards.” She wanted it to turn the other way. It’s just one of those red-headed stubborn problems she has occasionally.

But here’s the result: She knows and can identify her numbers 0-9. It’s pretty awesome that she can do that. I’m excited. Now if only she had any interest in writing her numbers……but no. She’s content to know them and draw when she wants to draw.

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