Science lesson for today: Signal from the beginning of time.

We love space at our house. Everything space related is awesome.

We love space at our house. Everything space related is awesome.

We love all things space related in our house. It’s not unusual to find us pouring over pictures off NASA’s website for a while in the afternoon. Sometimes we are just looking at random things, sometimes we are looking for specific things.

I’ve been taking a class about relativity and astrophysics through EdX – simply so I can learn more and teach it to Nicholas. I signed both of us up for an Introduction to Astronomy class on Coursera in the Fall.

You can tell we love space.

I’ve found this great website – It has a whole science section. I browse there daily so that I can find new and interesting things about science for short lessons during the day.

Today there was interesting news: Scientists have found a signal that comes from the beginning of time. The word “elusive” was used to describe this signal. The lesson serves a few purposes: Nicholas has to read the article to me – so he practices reading. He also stumbles over a lot of the words – so we practice vocabulary. “Elusive” is a word he didn’t really know until today. It has proven a lot of fun to use this morning.

Back to the lesson –

We read the article, then discuss what it means, and then see what Nicholas knows that relates to the article. He then has to write a sentence that summaries the article he just finished. Today he picked, “Elusive signal from space tells science about the start of the universe.” I only had to help him spell “elusive.” That’s a huge milestone for us, because normally he’s throwing a small fit about writing and complains all the time he needs help spelling. If you leave him to do it himself, you get weird words that he says are spelled correctly, but bear no resemblance to the actual word. Then there’s a meltdown when he has to do it again, properly.

Here’s the link to the article – it really is fascinating:

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