So you are thinking of homeschooling? Part 1.

So you are thinking of homeschooling?

There are plenty of questions that come about when you think about homeschooling. The biggest question tends to be: “Can I really do this?”

My answer, to everyone, is an unqualified yes.

For every family there is a way to homeschool. Notice I don’t say “kid,” or “parent.” That’s because homeschooling is a family event. It’s really not a single person endeavor. It’s a family decision. Homeschooling influences and effects everyone in the home – whether they are there for school or not. It can even effect people who are extended family (like grandparents and family members in different states).

There are way to many articles out there about homeschooling. If’ you’ve found this one I’ll count myself lucky.

So I’m going to point you to two articles to start your homeschooling discussion.

The first is about 13 basic questions to answer. These questions have not a lot to do with the “how we homeschool,” but more with the motivation behind it. It’s important to understand your motivation. Because, like with all jobs, homeschooling days have their good days and bad days. It helps to remember why you are homeschooling – especially on the bad days. That way you can keep going and work through it.

The second is about deschooling – the transition from a traditional “school” mindset into the mindset of a homeschooler. Homeschooling can be – and for a lot of families is – remarkably like traditional school, except it’s done at home. For others it is looser. This article talks about the transition that needs to take place in your mind.

These are the two places I’d start with. Once you are done answering the questions and deciding which type of homeschooling you are going to try, then I’d move on with more specific google searches. Don’t be afraid to go way deep into the search results. The first pages on homeschooling aren’t necissarily the best – they are simply ranked higher for various reasons. Some of the best pages I’ve found are deep within the search results.

But most of all – have fun!

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