Rainbow Day.


Today is Rainbow Day in the good old USA. Normally I frown on these “special” days. But rainbows are awesome. They can have their own day.

In honor of Rainbow Day we did a treasure hunt. I made little slips of paper for Abby (1-5)and Nicholas (math problems with answers 1-6) and the letters that spell rainbow. I put stickers on them and taped them up all over the house. Prep time was about 10 minutes.

Then the kids went treasure hunting to find all the slips of paper.

It didn’t take long- I didn’t hide them very hard.

Then Abby had to put hers in order from 1-5 and Nicholas from 1-6. Then Nicholas was in charge of making sure Abby put the letters together right to make the word rainbow. It’s always fun to watch him teach her something.

That was our fun Rainbow Day activity.

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