Spy unit.

We like spies, secret agents, puzzle, and the rest. So I thought, for a good change of pace, we would do a spy unit for our lesson.

First, we got dressed as spies. Nicholas and Abby went through the dress up box and got dressed as spies. She put on her Ariel dress; he put on a hat and lab coat. Okay. Well, it was their disguise.

Next we did some worksheet problems:

Help the spy find the right laser angles.

Write your own detective comic.

Which agent?

We did some code breaking worksheets:


We also went onto the NSA’s code breaking webpage and played around for a while. We brought it up on the laptop, and spent some time as a family working through all that the website had to offer.

Then we did some mysteries. Nicholas did most of the reading of the problems to me and Abby. Then all three of us had to solve the problems. They aren’t as easy as we thought. And sometimes we had different solutions from the answer codes – but so long as the solution fit the problem I was fine.

Lastly, we learned about fingerprints and made fingerprint charts for each of us.

When we completed all the activities, I handed everyone their “detective badge” because they had earned it with all the work they did.

You’ll notice we worked on reading, writing, critical thinking, math, problem solving, and science….all without using those terms. Most of all, the kids were so involved in the fun and lesson that we spent 3 hours on the lesson before we realized all the time that had passed. It was awesome!

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