A new find…….

I’ve found a new blog that I like.

It’s Not Just Cute.

I found her blog because a friend posted one of her posts about dry ice bubbles. Since I’m always looking for science experiments we can do at home, I totally opened her post and now we are doing the experiment today.

But as I started browsing through her stuff, I kept finding more and more that I liked.

It’s sometimes hard for me to find other homeschool bloggers that I like to read a lot. Some are too religious for me. Some homeschool through homesteading (which isn’t a possibility for us). And still more are homeschooling special needs kids – which I don’t have to deal with. Others blog about their specific style of homeshcooling – usually one of the big three (Montessori, C Mason, or a packaged curriculum). These all have some good ideas, but aren’t really a good set for me to spend a lot of time reading – because they don’t apply to us.

But Not Just Cute blogs a lot like I do – about random stuff, with some themes in there. And they still have great ideas.

So I’m stealing her experiment – and her questions! But I’m going to add a few questions to the list. I’ll post our poster about the experiment on the blog later today and add a format for you to do a poster too. I do love doing posters about experiments. They are almost better than keeping a lab book for younger kids because you can print out pictures, post them on the poster, and describe them.

We then put the posters on our walls. Needless to say, people who come into our house always comment on the decor – which I call homeschool chic.

I hope everyone has a good day!

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