We are starting Latin!

I’ve decided to start Latin this year. We are doing a good job with German, and so we need to add another language. I can hold off on the history and stuff, but languages go better when the kids are younger.

I’ve done a lot of research and narrowed it down to two programs: Song School Latin and  Latin for Children. In the end I went with Latin for Children. The books looked like more fun to do. I ordered one Primer book, two activity books, and a key – because my Latin is very rusty.

Why Latin? Latin is one of the roots of the English language, German is the other. Since we are already studying one, we might as well add the other. Plus, Abby is really into art and ballet. If she is going to continue this route, learning romance languages is ideal – and Latin is the base for all the romance languages. Nicholas is doing well with science, and Latin (and German) will really help him there with all the base words and prefixes and stuff. I really think this is the right idea.

In one sense, I groan at adding another thing to the schedule. We already have a lot. But for another reason, I think this is a good idea. I really do. I remember learning languages when I was older, and while it wasn’t horribly difficult, it wasn’t as easy to do as I wish. I’ve watched my kids pick up languages super easily. It’s a breeze for them. They pick up German, know what I’m saying when I get angry (Russian and Spanish mostly), and have spoken French with a friend for a bit. It’s simply another puzzle to their brains – and it’s easy for them.

So here are the links to the Latin books we are using:
Latin for Children, Primer A – Activity Book!

Latin for Children, Primer A (Latin Edition)

Latin for Children, Primer A Key (Latin for Childred)


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