Prep School – Abby’s new work!!!!

Since she’s getting older I’m changing “Toddler Tuesdays” to “Prep School.” Prep for what? Well, for other things. She’s “preparing” to do more math and drawing. She’s “preparing” to discover he own interests and not always be involved in her brother’s. As a side note, I’m going to hate the day when they both won’t do the same lessons anymore. Right now she loves to mimic her brother, so we can do lessons all at the same time. But later, I’m sure that’s not going to work out so well.

Therefore, we needed to change the name. She decided on “Prep School.” She actually wanted it to be called “Princess Prep School,” but I declined on the princess thing. We’ve got enough princess stuff in the house as it is.

This week we’ve been working on the letter F for her.

I decided that we would make “books” for her, since she likes to make sets of things. The “Letter F” book contains the following:

1. A sheet of paper with all the words that being with F that she can think of.

2. A dot-to-dot marker F page.

3. A fairy ballerina, a flower fairy, and a flying unicorn to color.

4. The number five to put stickers on.

5. Pentagons (five sides) to put groups of five stickers in.

Here’s how it went:

We started on Monday by making a list of “F” words – she came up with the following:

Food, fairy, frankfurter (yes, we learn German), foot, feet, fine, flute, flying, fancy, four, ,float, and fin. So those are the words we wrote down on the paper.

Next, we did a dot-to-dot F. She got the dot-to-dot markers out and she colored in her F.

For the next few “lessons” she got to color in things that begin with F. She didn’t have much trouble deciding what she wanted to start with – the Ballerina Fairy! She also has a Flying Unicorn and a Flower Fairy to color for her book.

Lastly, there’s the number five – that starts with F too. So I wrote the number five on a sheet of construction paper and gave her stickers. She placed the stickers over the lines of the number five. For her second five activity I drew pentagons – because those have five sides – on a paper. Abby had to put five stickers into each pentagon.

Then she got to staple her book together and show it to her father – who was properly excited. Next we are mailing it to her grandmother, because Abby wants to send a book to her grandmother.


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  1. Mary Cwalina

     /  August 28, 2014

    And I didn’t get my F book yet!!


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