About Me

My name is Natasha and I am a mother of two. I have a master’s degree (in Political Science) and am a stay-at-home mom (who really wants her book published).

I believe that parents are the best teachers. We trust ourselves to teach our children to talk, walk, and right from wrong. We teach our children to read (by reading to them), the importance of letters, music, and how to behave. If we trust ourselves, as parents, to teach all this to our children, then we should trust ourselves to teach them everything. We might not know everything, but there are camps, tutors, classes, and resources to help teach what you don’t feel able to teach. Who knows your child better than you? And why should I turn my child over to a teacher in a classroom for the majority of their day when I want to be their teacher and when the one-on-one attention (or one-to however many) is a better way to learn than the 1-20+ ratio in the schools?

I started this blog when we started homeschooling. It was originally meant to help me be accountable for doing the work of homeschooling and to help others with their homeschooling journey. Now, I just do it to keep a diary of what we are doing as well as to help others. I love sharing what we are doing and hope that by sharing our homeschooling adventures others will be inspired to homeschool in all, or part, for their children’s education. It really isn’t as hard or as difficult as you would think.

We started homeschooling with preschool and are now moving on through the ages. As my youngest grows we will restart and rehash lessons while growing with the older child too. Our lessons and activities will be posted on this blog along with information on homeschooling, educational theory, and places to go. Our product reviews will only be of products that we have actually used, whether we like them or not.

We use store-bought books and toys, as well as home-made worksheets and ideas to do our homeschooling.

Kids learn as much through play and activity as they do sitting down and learning. In fact, younger kids learn more through play. So if our lessons seem heavy on the “play” side at the moment, that’s why.

You can contact me with requests, questions, and comments. I will reply as soon as I can!

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