Here’s all the Civics lessons (and more go up as I get them done). They start in the order I would do them. Remember – you can make them shorter or longer depending on the attention span and how long you want to go. It doesn’t hurt to split the lesson up into shorter lessons and simply add a review before teaching the new material.

If you are looking for more in-depth reviews of various civics/government ideas, check out It’s an academic blog devoted to Political Science. It also covers some interesting Political Science 1 topics.

1. What is a country?


In case you wanted some other lesson plans, there are lots of places with pre-made plans on specific topics. I’ve included a list below of places that have ones I like.

Library of Congress: Civics and Government lesson plans.

iCivics: Lessons plans based on various government lessons.

JFK Library: Lesson plan on federal budgeting and economics.



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