04. The theory behind American government.


  1. Learn basic philosophers/economists that influenced writing of Constitution
  2. Be able to identify where those ideas are located in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.




  1. Read the Constitution: The whole Preamble. Then glance through the rest.


  1. Read the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Read the following article. Highlight names and the basic theories they espoused.



  1. Using the Internet, search for “Magna Carta.” Write a quick summary that includes:

– what is was

– who wrote it

-why it was written

-when it was written

– what ways is it similar to the US Constitution


Interactive Task


  1. Take a printed copy of the Preamble to the Constitution. Using your highlighted article, underline key phrases that link to ideas of the various philosophers. Then write the names of the philosophers next to the underlined portion. Do the same with the Declaration of Independence.


2. Highlight any other phrase –  in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution –that strikes you as a philosophy – or             something that might have come from another idea.

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  1. Some of the Civics lessons are updated!!! | Wunderful Homeschool

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