06. The Constitution and its Amendments.


  1. Be able to identify which parts of the Constitution pertain to different parts of the government.
  2. Know the Bill of Rights.
  3. Know the big 6 ideas in the Constitution.




  1. Using a spider map (or whatever outline form you like), outline the Constitution. Start with Section I and list who is pertains to, then what the main parts of each clause are. This includes the Amendments.


  1. Have each person write on a piece of paper, their answer to the following question: The Amendments to the Constitution protect and individual from whom? Collect answers, and sort into piles.

* The correct answer is that the Constitution/Amendments protects individuals from the government, not from other individuals.


  1. Have the students make a list of ways the Constitution and Amendments protect an individual from the Government. For help, see this article: http://www.constitution.org/col/03129_protect.htm


Interactive Task:


  1. 6 Big ideas in the Constitution: Limited government, republicanism, checks and balances, federalism, separation of powers, popular sovereignty.


  1. Write/learn definitions for each of these words.


  1. Complete the following worksheet, using the Constitution as your resource. Make sure you can explain your answer.




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